Who We Are

We are a group of talented individuals who create effective Digital Advertising campaigns to fulfill our client objectives.

How We Started

In the year 2002, we started our journey as a mobile marketing company. We were old school to the extent that we believed in properly mapped out research. However, we were the new kids on the block; we were full of adventurous ideas and an undying drive to innovate. Soon we were on top of the game and gained exposure to data analytics, software development, digital advertising and media management, thus paving the way for a new avenue in digital advertising, introducing programmatic advertising technology Sri Lanka.

What We Offer Now

Today we are able to offer a comprehensive package for all marketers and advertisers to efficiently carry out result oriented campaigns. Our tools include data collection to audience measurement, DMP (data management platform) activation, data visualization, A /B testing and media mix optimization. With the combination of these tools, our experience and the end to end solution that is offered through ADSTUDIO.CLOUD, you would be able to enter in to a new paradigm of marketing without headaches.

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Our Team