Thriving at the intersection of winning strategies, smart tools, and engaging digital content, PR STUDIO, the digital public relations (Digital PR) service of ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is a fast-growing online PR (Public Relations) in Sri Lanka. The dynamic platform enables businesses and corporates to enhance their public relations and to share/ publish news pieces, product launches, trending industry updates, business news, and much more engaging content by meeting and exceeding KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). PR Studio is a holistic ‘Online PR’ platform in Sri Lanka that covers content in all three languages (English, Sinhala, and Tamil) and allows a great audience reach via multiple websites at affordable rates. This helps brands to receive the recognition, brand elevation, and audience coverage it deserves and helps businesses to prosper.

PR Studio is truly one of its kind online PR in Sri Lanka with over 30 leading publishers covering a cross-section of topics including, News, Business, Entertainment, Directory, and other related content. PR STUDIO also takes lead in developing engaging content that supports and enhances PR activities and initiatives taken up by brands and businesses. It is also noteworthy that the investment to publish news on PR STUDIO is only a fraction of the cost compared to industry rivals and the inflated market price. PR STUDIO continues to uplift brands and businesses by publishing articles within 24 hours of receiving finalized content on both blog and website sections as required. PR STUDIO is a dynamic PR platform in the country with its immense contribution of 39%, 34%, and 27% to English, Sinhala, and Tamil websites respectively.