Our Ad gallery is brimming with the most innovative and creative ad types Sri Lanka can provide.

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD provides eye catching banners with state of the art animation, which will immediately attract potential clients. We support multiple slides in the story board, as well as live countdowns and interactive advertisements. The variety of options provided by our ad gallery, assures satisfaction in your advertising requirement.

Advertisment templates

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Banners with Multiple Slides in Storyboard

More powerful marketing message using several slides in storyboard

Banners with Multiple Slides in live countdown

More powerful marketing message using several slides in live countdown

Interactive HTML5 Banner Ads

Interactive ads invite consumers to physically engage with the ad in an immersive way, turning traditional advertising into an activity

Display Web Banners with Call-To-Action Text on Hover

Interactive Banners with a few lines of Call-to-Action text appearing on hover

Banner Ads with Animated Eye-Catching Effects

Animated abstract background catches the eye and draws attention to the advertising banner

Responsive Banner Ad Templates

Responsive ads automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit available ad spaces

HTML5 Banners with Awesome JS-based Text Animations

Anime JS allows you to create stunning animation effects that are not available by default in GWD