Programmatic Advertising has been showing an unprecedented growth in digital advertising sphere owing to the attractive features of the mechanism including saving time, less cost and real-time data to attract leads.

You can make programmatic advertising an invaluable part of your marketing strategy if make use of the tips when devising your digital marketing strategy.

01.Segment Your Audience

One main attractive feature of programmatic advertising is its ability to show you precisely what a customer wants using segmentation. Many advertisers commonly use demographic research to determine their target audience. However, demographics are not the only way to determine what the customers want. There are many types of segmentation in programmatic advertising which enable you to create a marketing strategy that caters to everyone. Psychographic segmentation and technographic segmentation are most useful tools in programmatic advertising to device a sound marketing strategy.

02.Understand the Customer Journey

To understand your customer’s journey, you need a clear understanding of your customers, what they are trying to achieve, and the steps they take to get there. Once you know this, you can map out the customer journey and identify key touchpoints where programmatic ads will be most effective. If you can deliver savvy programmatic ads at these key touch points, your marketing strategy would drive more sales for your business.

03.Set Clear Goals

Always make sure to encompass clear and actionable goals to get the most out of programmatic ad buying. Use existing data to determine the type of awareness you desire and create a fitting strategy. You should have short-term and long-term goals for your advertising efforts. Don’t hesitate to change strategy if things are not going as expected. Test different creatives and messaging, target different personas and experiment with new ad placements to find the best way to achieve your goals.

04.Analyze your Data

Data collected form programmatic campaigns are stored in a data management platform. AS the advertiser, you can examine detailed third-party information from here and determine the reach of your advertising campaigns and potential ROI. Using data to optimize your marketing strategy will probably be appreciated by your customers.

05.Whitelist and Blacklist

Automated advertising can lead your ads to appear on the wrong sites, which can negatively impact your brand image. To prevent this happening, you need to blacklist inappropriate sites for your brand and at the same time you have the option to whitelist the sites where you specify you want ads to be displayed. Some programmatic advertising platforms allow you to exclude entire categories from your ad spend for enhanced targeting.