Advertising plays a key role in any business. If you want your business to go places, you must go hand in hand with advertising. As important as it is, advertising involves a lot of your precious time and quite a slice of your profit. 

What is the guarantee that your business will thrive on these advertisements? Having done all this, if you do not get through to the right audience, at the right time, your business is sure to suffer.

 In brief, advertising is a big risk, which is also the essence to a business. Therefore, you are compelled to advertise, for your business to perform. This means you must find a responsible and effective agency, reach the target audience, and wait for your profits to grow. The time commitment becomes a big constraint in this conventional form of advertising. 

How can you avoid the hassles related to advertising?

With the latest technology, this hassle can be avoided easily, saving time and money. Have you ever tried Programmatic Advertising? 

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising is a form of digital advertising, which has emerged through modern technology. It is purely driven by data, and it mainly focuses on the Demand Side Platform (DSP) thus advertising at the right places in the right time based on records of demand, increasing the revenue generation of the supplier.

Programmatic Advertising also minimizes the risk of error due to the automation process.

How can I apply Programmatic Advertising to my business? Is Programmatic Advertising available in Sri Lanka? 

Your immediate thoughts may lead you to Social media advertising. Does Google Ads surface in your mind? 

Well, for your business in Sri Lanka there is better news. ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is offering you a whole new platform for your advertising needs which is affordable, swift and hassle-free. ADSTUDIO.CLOUD will assist you in making your imagination a reality. You can explore many avenues of advertising through ADSTUDIO.CLOUD who will assist you on the most strategic decisions.

What experience does ADSTUDIO.CLOUD Sri Lanka have in Programmatic Advertising?

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is specialized in Programmatic Advertising, data engineering, digital PR and audience management. Led by skilled personnel with high proficiency in the ad-tech domain, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD  is the pioneer of Programmatic Advertising  in Sri Lanka. Having been in operation over the past year, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD has executed over 617 campaigns and served over 570 000 000 impressions to a proven portfolio of clients from over 15 industries.

With a wealth of over 300 local websites, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD connects the suppliers and the buyers seamlessly through these advertisers and agencies.

Why select ADSTUDIO.CLOUD Sri Lanka as your Programmatic Advertising partner? What are the advantages over others?

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is very particular in maintaining global standards, in their approach to levelling up Programmatic Advertising in Sri Lanka.

The solution given to you by ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is much more than social media advertising and solutions provided through Google Ads

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD has taken programmatic advertising into a different level through smart tools, sustainable strategy, and intelligent systems. Through their mechanism of artificial intelligence ADSTUDIO.CLOUD ensures that your advertisement will be posted where there is demand. 

Isn’t this what you want? Immediate response from your target audience, unlike in Google Ads where you must patiently wait till the right customer clicks. 

Even though Google Ads may take your advertisement to a global audience, is that what your business needs? What your business needs is precision in targeting;  more clicks from the right audience rather than blindly reaching an audience that has no interest in what you have to offer.

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is there to assist you in reaching out to your target audience, who will add value to your business. 

Supporting English, Sinhala and Tamil languages, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD reaches to a vast audience in Sri Lanka. Reaching out to potential buyers in a language that they feel comfortable is a definite appeal, which will immediately attract their attention. This feature is not available in google ads or in any other Programmatic Advertising platform.

If your business is mainly focusing on a Sri Lankan cliental, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is your best, hassle free option for advertising

By advertising via ADSTUDIO.CLOUD, in addition to reaching out to the right audience and improving your margins, you will be supporting the Sri Lankan economy by retaining valuable foreign exchange within the country.

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD with their capable expertise in Programmatic Advertising , offers technical support to the publisher as well as advice on how to increase traffic to the website. ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is ever ready to assist you in your difficulties from the time you pitch with them for your advertisement, even after your advertisement is launched. They can be reached easily by the touch of a button

Unlike in Google Ads, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD provides direct access to insightful data analytics through the campaign manager system, where the brand marketer can monitor the performance of their advertisements.

Your advertisements are constantly monitored for effectiveness, thus enabling ADSTUDIO.CLOUD to improve performance of your advertisement, based on data.

The “frequency capping” feature, limits how often the same individual will see a certain advertisement, which will ensure lean spending and avoid ineffective exposure.

For your business to grow in Sri Lanka through Programmatic Advertising , the most lucrative solution will be provided to you via ADSTUDIO.CLOUD . Give it a shot, and you will never turn back.