Programmatic Advertising refers to the buying and selling digital advert space through automated platforms which connect publishers with potential advertisers.

In the modern marketing atmosphere, programmatic advertising plays a vital role in marketer’s functions as the benefits of programmatic advertising are enormous. At present, digitals ads have become the primary channel through which marketers disseminate their ad messaging to their customers and with that the need for programmatic advertising is on the increase as a tool to improve the process of ads buying and selling effectively.

Programmatic advertising works through ad exchanges and an automated algorithm uses advanced analytics to determine the correct placement of ads on publishing sites, based on factors like demographic, geographic and several other targeting options. With these advanced functionalities, programmatic advertising has emerged to be the most sought -after type of digital display advertising of modern marketers.

Compared to traditional advertising methods, programmatic advertising offers value to the marketers with such benefits as,

Scalable and Flexible Spending

Scalability of ads run through programmatic advertising is highly flexible and advertisers can simply up or reduce budget whenever appropriate. Even SMBs with limited budgets can use a monetary ceiling on their campaigns so that they do not end up overspending and paying more than what they have budgeted for.

Increased audience Reach

With hundreds of websites and the ad space sold by them programmatic advertising offers the opportunity to reach a broad and diverse audience depending on the needs of buyer and this is simply an unmatchable advantage compared to any other form of advertising.


Marketers can see exactly what sites their ads are being used on, what kinds of audiences are seeing their ads, and what they are getting in return on their investment. This makes it super easier for the advertisers to determine the success of the campaign.

Greater targeting capabilities

Programmatic advertising means several different factors can be segmented and targeted according to the needs of the marketer. Different types of targeting include contextual, behavioral, location and device targeting.

Real-time Data

Programmatic advertising is conducted through the application and analysis of data in real-time, marketers have access to this information in real-time. Access to data real time enables the marketers to make changes and optimize placements and creatives in order to effectively make conversions.

Therefore, programmatic advertising can be identified as a magical form of advertising to the modern marketers and this will be an essential ally to marketers for many years to come.