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Fragmented pieces of customer data often reside in silos in marketing, sales, purchasing, customer support and other departments. Furthermore, the lack of know-how on how to use the massive amount of customer information collected will leave all brands and companies in the dark with zero valuable insight. With a global stat of more than 4.6 billion on the internet (as of 2020), the role of Customer Data Platforms (CDP) in Sri Lanka has emerged. ADSTUDIO.CLOUD’s CDP is now the gamechanger in the local business horizon and has become a key driver to influence and empower marketers across all industries.

Keeping up with the evolving business world means converting customer information, insights and the journey experience with a brand to useful business intelligence. And, having access to such powerful information will enable brands and corporates to turn things around and engage with their target audiences better than before. This is what the ADSTUDIO.CLOUD Customer Data Platform is all about – to help businesses to understand their audience better, customize communication to suit the target audience and thereby drive sales conversions via actionable intelligence and decision-making insights based on the customer information gathered from multiple data sources. ADSTUDIO.CLOUD’s CDP (ADS CDP) is not only for high-end corporates and brands, but is versatile and functional for any industry of any size – from simple one-page sites to content-heavy websites. The platform provides an insightful output on user behaviour patterns, search trends and related topics via the following 4 key elements.

  • Tag Manager- Used to configure, deploy and debug tags without the IT team support
  • Analytics- Tracks customer behaviour patterns across websites, mobile apps, digital products and post-login areas.
  • Customer Data Platform- Builds a single customer view and improves cross-channel marketing efforts with no compromise on privacy and security.
  • Consent Manager- Manages the compliance of marketing tools.

Further, the platform executes its functions in full compliance with user security and by adhering to global privacy regulations and guidelines such as GDPR, LGPD and CCPA. Supporting diversified categories with half a million profiles, CDP delivers data management, data analytics and orchestration features – to study the diversified audience and build user profiles for meaningful and sustainable business decisions. The platform builds single user-profiles and advanced audiences by tracking customer journeys with a chosen brand from multiple data sources using company CRMs, e-commerce systems, offline sources, web analytics and app analytics data and then passes it onto marketing tools like Facebook, Google, Adroll, etc. to reach the intended target audience. The CDP of ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is a trusted alternative to Google Analytics and adheres to strict guidelines on user privacy and data protection. The intelligent platform provides an insightful overview of the users, captures the evolving customer trends and adds immense value for businesses to perform better.

As AdTech pioneers and tech-savvy experts in the country, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD has the potential to transform how marketers run their technology ecosystems while continuing to disrupt and transform the local digital marketing space with CDP’s impactful results.