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Despite the pandemic having disrupted businesses in Sri Lanka and across the globe, dependence on digital advertising and online marketing has grown leaps and bounds. Similarly, the move by the Sri Lankan government to register foreign digital operators has drawn the attention of many. Owing to the rising mutual concern on social media user security across the world, this decision prevents global digital platforms from invading user information, business data and drive destructive marketing. This prevents the adverse impact on medium scale local companies and salvages the Sri Lankan economy by preventing a huge sum of money from leaving the country via these digital platforms.

Adding to this, the recent crossfire between Apple and Facebook has further confirmed this dilemma. Facebook faults Apple’s new iOS 14 privacy policy limiting a businesses’ ability to run personalised ads and reach their customers effectively. Apple has responded that social media users should approve the data collected about them and how it’s used and hence the ‘App Tracking Transparency’ in iOS 14 requires permission first. Though this might distress the social media giant’s business, ‘Programmatic Advertising’ is considered as one of the feasible solutions to address this snowballing global issue.

In a research survey in London, over 60% of respondents were happy with programmatic advertising as it enhances personalization and improves the overall brand experience for the consumer. This experience is elevated further when marketers first address the ‘consent concern’. By making it a priority to receive consent from social media users, research shows that 3 in 4 consumers in the UK appreciate the transparency and often willing to give their consent. Besides, updated privacy regulations also mean the need to create high-quality and laser-focus ads that are competitive and relevant. So, it’s a great time for ‘Programmatic Advertising’ to be the gamechanger in ad strategy along with updating privacy concerns.

‘Programmatic Advertising’ via ADSTUDIO.CLOUD has a positive impact to the Sri Lankan economy as it generates additional ad revenue to local publishers. Also ADSTUDIO.CLOUD, is the first programmatic advertising platform in Sri Lanka to follow global standards with a ‘full-stack programmatic advertising ecosystem’ lets publishers, advertisers, brands and every other user maximize revenue on chosen channels via smart advertising tools.

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD’s revolutionary all-in-one ecosystem connects a multitude of advertisers, 250+ publishers (including mainstream, regional and niche publications) and brands across diverse industries. To date, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD has paid over LKR 28 Mn to local publishers whilst serving the banking, telecommunication, education, FMCG, retail and consumer electronics, digital media and advertising agencies. Another ground-breaking stride of ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is the ‘Programmatic Colombo Program’ held in Sep 2020 – the first event of this nature to be held in Sri Lanka featuring Matt Prohaska (USA), to conduct a series of knowledge-sharing sessions on Programmatic Advertising and related domains.


Incepted in 2019, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is a trailblazing AdTech company unleashing the real power of programmatic advertising via Digi-inspired solutions and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) backed data-driven platforms. The end-to-end solutions offered empower publishers to monetize better via high-return campaigns and benefit SMEs in multifold by targeting the right audience at the right time with the right platform (even across second and third tiers). Having successfully generated over 1 Billion impressions for its local publishers in all three languages is a testament to ADSTUDIO.CLOUD’s highly result-oriented advertising. As an industry leader to drive impactful futuristic transformation, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD continues to be a catalyst to maximize digital earnings for publishers, connect brands with target markets and enable advertisers to confidently launch high return advertising campaigns.