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In 2019 Sri Lanka saw its first programmatic advertising platform – ADSTUDIO.CLOUD – being launched to bring innovation into digital marketing.  ADSTUDIO.CLOUD has created an ecosystem where ad space buyers and sellers have more control over how they advertise and who sees their advertisements.

At ADSTUDIO.CLOUD we have the Advertising Applications which can attract your target market by Retargeting, Frequency Capping, Third Party Ad Serving, Attribution and Lift Measurement for the Sri Lankan market in your language whether it may be Sinhala, Tamil or English.

When you need to sell your services, products and to attract your target group, you can use ADSTUDIO.CLOUD to grow online.   You will realize the true potential of your ad space with ADSTUDIO.CLOUD.

By simply selecting a quality hosting provider such as ADSTUDIO.CLOUD you can guarantee an automatic scaling and reaching of the target market.  We at ADSTUDIO.CLOUD develop tailor made strategies for each of our clients to ensure they reach the expected view. 

The Sri Lankan Market | Identify our societies language ability and plan 

Here in Sri Lanka,  the widely understood language being Sinhala and Tamil,  we need to reach our main target group in the language they prefer in order to reach the focused market especially during specific peak traffic periods which can be attributed to various holidays, events and campaigns etc.   

We are looking into analytics from previous industry curving which will help us meet with your set expectations in the widely used languages in Sri Lanka.  As these areas have been identified, we could plan for content and address the target group accordingly to the planned marketing strategies of the customer.  

How does ADSTUDIO.CLOUD help us reach the Market

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD currently operates with advertisers as well as publishers, making it the first programmatic advertising platform to be in operation within the country.

In a very simple term it helps organizations to automate the decision-making process of media buying by targeting specific audiences and demographics.  

With Audience Manager being the backbone of the entire ecosystem of ADSTUDIO.CLOUD, it allows publishers to enhance the value creation through the quality profiling of viewers, giving them access to target the right ad campaign to the right person on Real Time Bidding (RTB). Looking at the advertising spending market and the digital market it can be anticipated to grow at a steady rate for the next five to seven years and  we need to move on with the digital display marketing  in Sri Lanka in reaching the target market of the  Sinhala and Tamil subscribers. 

Monitoring for feedback 

With ADSTUDIO.CLOUD your website’s uptime and page speed are at the highest.  All monitoring is reviewed periodically and especially before a known peak traffic period.   

How we offer you the best?

Planning for peak traffic and the actual execution of that plan can differ in many ways. With our Agile ways of working on ADSTUDIO.CLOUD, it makes sense to run a retrospective for everyone involved to reflect on the past to improve the future. This should not be a purely technical game but should also review the advertiser’s expectations.

Financial benefits

The possibilities are endless with Programmatic advertising across any industry. We need to attract the target market and the sources to drive revenue exponentially by generating leads from multiple sources and through customized display of advertisement in our own native languages (Sinhala and Tamil Advertisements). With the powerful set of tools ADSTUDIO.CLOUD offers; marketers can optimize Programmatic advertising for greater marketing performance, transparency, and ROI for marketing budgets.