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Is it important to advertise in Sinhala for the Sri Lankan markets?

In any business, reaching out to prospective customers in a language that they are comfortable, will instantly attract their attention.

Sinhala is a unique language and is the mother tongue of many Sri Lankans. If your business is meant to be promoted among the Sri Lankan audience, your advertisement in Sinhalese will directly talk to the hearts and minds of the Sri Lankan customer, helping your business to grow in volumes.

What are your options for Sinhala advertisements?

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD supports the three main languages used in Sri Lanka; Sinhala, Tamil and English for your advertising requirements.

Facebook also offers advertising in multiple languages including Sinhala as an option.

But which option would you rather choose for your Sinhala advertisements? Facebook or ADSTUDIO.CLOUD?

How can you select your advertising partner for your Sinhala advertisements? Which party is better suited?

There are some key facts that can help you decide for yourself.

Which advertising platform has more expertise in the Sri Lankan culture and Sinhala Language?

Considering the fact that ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is of Sri Lankan origin, it is apparent that ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is better equipped compared to Facebook, in guiding you through your Sinhala advertisements. ADSTUDIO.CLOUD understands and feels the pulse of the Sri Lankan population and would be able to successfully advise you in planning and organizing your contents in Sinhala. On the contrary Facebook will not be able to give you effective advice needed for your Sinhala advertisements, as it is of international origin.

The culture of a country and its people also contribute greatly to the success of a business. Comparatively ADSTUDIO.CLOUD being more than familiar with the culture of Sri Lanka, will definitely be able to assist you in your strategies for Sinhala advertising.

With their expertise in Sinhala language and the Sri Lankan culture, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is highly capable of serving more relevant advertisements to the Sri Lankan audience by targeting demographics and context smartly.

Does ADSTUDIO.CLOUD quality match up to Facebook?

Quality wise ADSTUDIO.CLOUD can provide you with Sinhala advertisements which will definitely out beat the Sinhala advertisements done by Facebook. Keeping in par with the Global standards, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD promises you nothing but the best in all your advertisements.

You cannot expect Sinhala advertisements done by Facebook to be as effective and efficient as ADSTUDIO.CLOUD  ads, mainly due to their lack of knowledge and experience in the Sri Lankan culture and the Sinhala languages.

In addition to the advantage of being Sri Lankan, what are the other reasons that make ADSTUDIO.CLOUD to be your most preferred advertising partner?

In addition to customizing your advertisement in Sinhala to suit the Sri Lankan target audience, there are many other reasons that standout in the ADSTUDIO.CLOUD platform.

Facebook  offers a form of programmatic advertising, but the primary function of Facebook  is social media, and therefore the advertisements shown on their platforms are non-intrusive. ADSTUDIO.CLOUD on the other hand is totally focused on programmatic advertising, with state of the art technologies. ADSTUDIO.CLOUD’s primary function is advertising, and therefore they give high prominence to your advertisements with creative and eye-catching ad templates that will work its magic on your ads.

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD provides you with access to a diverse pool of local publishers, giving you multiple options to choose, whereas Facebook does not provide such a vast pool of local publishers.

Unlike in Facebook advertising, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD’s inbuilt comprehensive reporting tools, enable publishers and advertisers to monitor ad performance for better strategic decisions.

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD’s seamless integration with leading ad inventory software, is an added advantage which will assist you in quickly switching between inventory strategies. Comparatively Facebook sells only Facebook inventory, which is based on advertising formats that are applied only on Facebook.

Equipped with a highly advanced programmatic advertising system which can be easily controlled by the user, due to its simplicity and user-friendly dashboards, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD’s Programmatic advertising platform gives you the ultimate control in terms of ad units and price ranges in contrary to Facebook which does not provide this sort of control to the advertisers.

Even though Facebook advertisements reach a global audience, how sure can you be sure that the Sinhala advertisements will reach the desired audience?  

By the multiple targeting and frequency capping options provided by ADSTUDIO.CLOUD, advertisements can target audiences based on interests and behavior of people, as well as communities and language preferences, thus enabling your advertisement to reach out to a variety of potential customers.

Purely driven by data, and modern technologies of artificial intelligence, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD assures you effective advertising. ADSTUDIO.CLOUD will advertise your Sinhala advertisements to the desired local audience, unlike the Facebook audience who will comprise of more foreigners, who will not understand your Sinhala advertisement.

Furthermore by advertising via ADSTUDIO.CLOUD, in addition to reaching out to customers and improving your margins, you will be supporting the Sri Lankan economy by retaining valuable foreign exchange within the country.

So whom do you chose to be your partner for programmatic advertisements in Sinhala?

The growth of your business will definitely depend on your decision.