AdStudio – A change that will impact the Sri Lankan advertising 


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‘ADSTUDIO.CLOUD’, the one-stop hub of advertising, is the first Programmatic Advertising platform in Sri Lanka to operate with global standards. Programmatic Advertising uses software to buy and sell digital advertising space seamlessly to reach the right audience at the right time as oppose to traditional advertising, which involves a ton of ground work such as proposals, human negotiations, tenders, quotes and many more. With the latest technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) ADSTUDIO.CLOUD allows you to optimize and improve your advertising campaigns for better results.


Led by the best minds in the industry with over 30 years of experience in the realm of technology, data science, digital strategy, campaign success evaluation; ADSTUDIO.CLOUD Sri Lanka thrives to level up the programmatic advertising to go global.


Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Programmatic Advertising is the most novel mechanism added to digital marketing today. As a result of the automation stemming from AI, advertisers can take their message to the target audience instantly. Given the automated nature of programmatic ad buying, the risk of error is minimized. It also offers the ground to eliminate waste in terms of reducing impressions being wasted and targeting correct consumers for the correct ads. Creativity is also pivotal in appealing to the target audience. For that matter ADSTUDIO.CLOUD offers more than 1000 creative templates for advertisers to use to reach their potential customers to cut through the clutter.


Supports all 3 languages (English, Sinhala, Tamil) 

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is the only platform in Sri Lanka which supports to advertise content in all 3 languages (English, Sinhala, Tamil). It allows you to easily reach the exact  target audience in their preferred language. With creativity and the language that appeals to the intended audience, it drives better conversions. The platform allows local publishers to win bids directly without having to go through Google or any other network.  As a result, not only the local publishers can gain maximum monetization for their advertising placements, but also this revenue stays within the country and supports the Sri Lankan economy as a whole.


Rewarding experiences with great ROI

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD will be your Programmatic Advertising suite to bring you rewarding experiences with great ROI right at your fingertips. ADSTUDIO.CLOUD connects a multitude of advertisers with 300+ ad publisher network (including mainstream, regional and niche publications) through their platform and deliver better ROI by reaching the right audience at the right time.


With Programmatic Advertising comes control over audience targeting, retargeting options and creative placements. Contextual Campaigns on the other hand gives marketers the control over who sees which ads, and at what times. This increases the chances of showing the right advert at the right time to the right consumer. Moreover, frequency capping limits how often the same individual would see a certain advert and it is a great way of avoiding ineffective exposures.


Insightful Analytics

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD Sri Lanka provides direct access to insightful data analytics through the campaign manager system, where the brand marketers can monitor the performance of their ad campaigns. With this, brands can navigate through multiple options and paths elevate their brand presence and consumer engagement which will help achieve their campaign objectives better.


570 million impressions in all three languages

Today, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD Sri Lanka prides itself on successfully serving over 570 million impressions over the past year for its local publishers in all three languages. Delivering its promise, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD continues to maximize digital earnings for publishers, connect brands with target markets and enable advertisers to launch high return advertising campaigns.