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ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is a comprehensive ecosystem that would bring a new wave of digital advertising innovations to Sri Lanka.


ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is the first programmatic advertising platform in Sri Lanka which has created an ecosystem for your advertising space for buyers and sellers have a better control on their advertisements and to have view on who sees their advertisements. ADSTUDIO.CLOUD was launched to bring innovation locally into digital marketing.

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is offering you a whole new platform for your advertising needs which is affordable, swift and hassle-free.  ADSTUDIO.CLOUD will assist you in making your imagination a reality. You can explore many avenues of advertising through ADSTUDIO.CLOUD who will assist you on the most strategic decisions.

With a wealth of over 250 local websites, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD connects the suppliers and the buyers seamlessly through these advertisers and agencies.

Google AdSense

Google Adsense is a program run by Google where publishers can earn for their online content through which website publishers in the Google Network can serve text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the website content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.

Google Adsense has been one of the popular methods of earning for bloggers. With the right content you can engage with the target audience while generating a revenue.


How does ADSTUDIO.CLOUD work?

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD Sri Lanka is about programmatic advertising. In simple terms,  ADSTUDIO.CLOUD works when a user clicks on the publisher’s web page. The users are prone to see the digital ad space available for auction. ADSTUDIO.CLOUD also brings in the option of targeting the required audience at the right time when an ad is published concerning one’s preference.

The idea behind programmatic/ data-driven advertising will be based on your audience.   To enable this, you need a data engine that provides customer profiles. This is called a customer data platform (CDP).

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising has emerged through modern technology which is purely driven by data, and it mainly focuses on the advertising at the right places in the right time based on records of demand, increasing the revenue generation of the supplier.

Experience with ADSTUDIO.CLOUD in Programmatic Advertising?

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is specialized in Programmatic Advertising, data engineering, digital PR and audience management.

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is the pioneer of Programmatic Advertising in Sri Lanka. Having been in operation over the past year, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD has executed over 1000 campaigns and served over 1Bn impressions to a proven portfolio of clients from over 15 industries.

Difference of ADSTUDIO.CLOUD Vs Adsense?

Maybe you already have an Adsense account but you want to diversify your income streams and meet your local clientele. You may want to keep Adsense ads running and add some additional streams too.  You may want to earn more money from your ad space than you are currently earning with Adsense.

Best AdSense Alternatives

We have many AdSense alternatives such as, PropellerAds, Amazon Native Shopping Ads, Adversal, Ad Click Media etc.  However, as a programmatic advertising platform, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD can meet your requirement by catering to the Sri Lankan market in the preferred language to suit your clientele.

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD helps to reach the Digital Market spending in Sri Lanka?

Right now,  Sri Lanka is still contemplating digital relevancy and how much money to put on digital advertising.  As a country we are not making the full use of digital media. ADSTUDIO.CLOUD currently operates with advertisers as well as publishers, making it the first programmatic advertising platform to be in operation within the country. In a very simple term it helps organizations to automate the decision-making process of media buying by targeting specific audiences and demographics.


ADSTUDIO.CLOUD and its advantages

With a wealth over 250 local publishers in all three languages: English, Sinhala and Tamil, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD can analyze different profiles of readers. This understanding will assist the advertisers to optimize their content in their native language be it English, Sinhala or Tamil; to know what is required by different audience types and cater appropriately to their target group.

Further, the richness of content will remain on the website as ADSTUDIO.CLOUD allows only valued commercial advertisements in its platform that benefit both the publisher and the advertisers. Therefore, with ADSTUDIO.CLOUD it is possible to drive more effective advertising which will generate more conversions.


Benefits to the Country by using ADSTUDIO.CLOUD

As we know the Sri Lankan currency is drained out of the country by multinational companies such as Google and Facebook, with ADSTUDIO.CLOUD, this capital can be retained within Sri Lanka.

How does Sri Lankans see ADSTUDIO.CLOUD?

There are certain challenges in the industry. A great example would be the knowledge gap where some would not understand the proper meaning of digital marketing. For most of us, digital marketing means only Facebook advertising. Exploring the possibilities of digital marketing and on top of it, driving data-driven digital marketing campaigns is the way to go.


With ADSTUDIO.CLOUD you have the ability to see the insights of the digital marketing performance of your product/ service. ADSTUDIO.CLOUD provides you a complete dashboard of data on how your brand is performing digitally. This will help you navigate your brand better in the realm of digital marketing.